monit 5系で追加された設定

監視間隔を設定するset daemon。monit起動時に初回の監視を始めるまでにdelayする時間を設定できるようになってる。

set daemon 120 with start delay 60


* Added the start delay option for daemon statement which allows
  to pause Monit on its startup for a while. If monitored
  services are started by init scripts in parallel on system
  boot, Monit may be too fast and detect that the service is not
  running (yet) and restart the service. Note that it's still
  recommended Monit is setup to be responsible for service
  startup (that is, don't use init to start Monit controlled
  services, instead use Monit). This will ensure correct startup
  without need for a start delay since Monit will have full
  control of service startup. Many users start services from init
  on boot anyway, so in such cases this option will solve their
  problems. Default start delay is 0 which corresponds to the
  current behavior. Example syntax which will make Monit wait one
  minute before starting its first monitoring cycle: